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Most of the stuff you hear about financial planning is boring.  I should know, because I talk about it all day.  My clients would rather be talking about the AFC Championship game or the NBA draft instead of college savings plans.  I would.  So I figured “why not do both?”.  You need a game plan, an offense and defense, and a strategy for taking your “team” from the preseason through the playoffs.  We’re going to help you do that, and we’re going to make it the best damn sports and finance show you’ve ever seen.

  Today's Sports Page
Taking  stories and segments from the world of sports and the world of finance, and where they overlap, we’ll look at something right out of the headlines in the world of sports and tie it to something happening in your financial life right now,   for example, the mortgage crisis and college football. Read more>
  Meet The Pros
Where a top athlete comes into the studio and talks to us about something special in their lives, how financial success has enabled them to accomplish their dreams. In addition, the athlete talks about his/her business and or charity organization. Also, the guest gives a few tips on how to improve your game. Read more>
  Sports Money Zone
The viewer has a chance to ask questions about a topic in their financial life,   for example,  how to get out of credit card debt, 401k’s, mutual funds, stocks.  Be ready though, I have a reputation for being a tough coach. Read more>
  Hut, Hut, Collect
Sports collectibles are hotter than the Miami Dolphins’ stadium during an August preseason game and can be an incredible way to mix your love of sports and money. There are a hundred topics and a thousand ways to make a few bucks at the intersection of sports and collectibles.
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MLB Opening Day
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NFL Draft
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5 Tool Player
5-Tool Player
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